Storify Review

23 Mar

I think Charles Arthur’s story “O HAI SEXISM” is a great example of the Web-friendly format of storytelling via Storify. In addition to its provocative headline (which is what made me read it in the first place — using Internet-speak shows Arthur knows who his audience is), the story is organized in a way that’s really easy to follow. Arthur uses the entire conversation, which took place in @ replies, and he does a good job of letting the tweets speak for themselves in small portions and then following up with clarifying text. He also periodically sums up the events of the story up to that point, making sure readers are following what exactly is going on.

Interestingly, Arthur doesn’t attempt to report the story objectively. He’s reacting along with his readers: At many points in the story, I found myself rolling my eyes or actually saying, “WHAT?” aloud, and sure enough, particularly inflammatory tweets were followed up by Arthur’s commentary, articulating some of my feelings on the discussion. I appreciated being able to read the entire exchange, which allowed me to form my own opinions about what was going on, but reading them in the context of Arthur’s commentary no doubt made the story more accessible when I didn’t understand a term used or a situation that was alluded to.


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