Social Media Report

19 Apr

To promote my topics blog, I relied mainly on the tagging capabilities of Tumblr. What’s great about tags is that they allow bloggers to include their posts in a collection of other posts within the same topic. So when I posted about the band Hanson, I tagged the post so fans and other people browsing the Hanson tag could read, share and comment on it. This strategy worked well: Through tagging, my posts gained “likes” and “reblogs” on Tumblr, and my blog also gained a few followers over time.

I used Tumblr to connect with people before creating my posts, too. For example, before I wrote a post about Third Eye Blind, I reached out to fans of the band via Tumblr tags to ask them what they would include in a brief post that gave an overview of their favorite band. I got several helpful responses from people and a few followers from these kinds of posts alone.


I used Facebook to advertise my posts as well, but I knew that there I would only be sharing among friends because of my privacy settings. Keeping that in mind, I only advertised the posts I knew would interest my friends so as not to flood anyone’s newsfeed. This strategy seemed to work, too: I got some good responses from friends and family. The downside of using my personal Facebook was that I couldn’t connect to a larger community than the people I’m friends with, but that’s why I didn’t use Facebook alone.

I think the most valuable thing about using social media to promote something like a blog is how easy it is for posts to go viral. Through Tumblr’s reblog function, for example, posts can be seen by hundreds of people, even if only a few reblog them, because of how the site is set up. If one person with 1,000 followers reblogs my posts, it’s possible I’ve reached at least 1,000 people without having that many followers of my own. Though none of my posts went viral, I generally saw an increased number of “likes” on my posts as time went on and people began to share them.

Social media is kind of like word-of-mouth for the Internet. Its advantages lie in the opportunity it gives people to talk with other people – strangers or not – about what they like and why they like it. If you’re well-spoken, entertaining and generally informative when using almost any kind of social media, people will respond to you, as long as you’ve made an effort to reach them through tagging or other kinds of promotion. 


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